Parenting with GamificationMy new online course on Parenting with Gamification is now available.

Parenting is one of the most demanding yet fulfilling experiences one can have. From a baby, a toddler, a first grader, to a teenager, parents are constantly kept on their feet to raise good and happy children.

With gamification, combining research from game design, behavior science, and motivational theories, learners get access to a powerful tool that makes parenting playful and fun, yet very effective. Children raised in such ways will become more empowered, socially apt, confident, and empathic.

This course will walk learners through the science behind children's reactions and motivations, showcase many practical examples, introduce tools that parents can apply for different situation in their interaction with children of any age.

This course is for parents, educators, and caretakers, who want to apply a scientific, yet fun way of empowering children. Learners should show curiosity for new methods for upbringing, have empathy for children, and be willing to question their own conventional wisdom.

At the end of the course parents will have a tool set that allows to empower their children in a fun and effective way.

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