GamifiKAIZENThe Japanese word Kaizen means “Good Change”. Kaizen is a practical philosophy and methodology that focus upon continuous improvement of business processes.

Enterprise Gamification aims for behavior modification in business processes using gaming dynamics and mechanisms. The Kaizen model is based on the assumption that people resist extreme changes.
Instead, gradual changes usually are much more effective.

So how will we combine those two approaches together?

PDCA model enables the implementation of small changes in the process.

For example, one of our clients wanted to improve its sales process, after some analysis they reached a conclusion that instead of office work, more field work would improve the performances of their sales workforce. So the KPIs were set to more meetings with the potential customers and lead generation. This small change was implemented using Gamification.


Gamer EvolutionAaah, the good, old times … never were. And "ye good olde" Gamification Summit? Never existed! I can say that, because I have attended all four of them. With the first one in January 2011 and the most recent one just last week in San Francisco. From 300 attendees with 12 agenda items to 77(!) talks, panels, workshops vying for the attention of 600+ attendees, the GSummit has come a long way.

In the first year, Gabe Zichermann, "grey-eminence" and gamification guru #1 had to beg people to fill the slots and a full day of conference, with a then still mind-bending roster of speakers (including Jane McGonigal for the keynote) and topics. For me at least, it was the revelation that I had come to the right place and met the very people that I could talk to without feeling odd or out-of-place. What a relief to speak to people who could relate to the challenges that I faced at work. The only thing that I missed back then were the enterprise gamification speakers – of which there was not really anyone that Gabe could ask. This discipline and the speakers who could cover that topic were non-exist.


As part of PSFK's popular series of 'Future of' reports, they released a 140 page document that covers the new ways we are working and the implications for business and for workers. Available in different formats to buy or just preview, the themes of PSFK's Future of Work report cover the Ideal Workforce, Empowered Culture, Intuitive Connection and Agile Workplaces.


Enterprise Gamification - Book CoverA lot of gamification-stuff is going on, the year 2012 is closing out with some more gamification related events: first the Gamification World Asia/Pacific in Singapore with 2 gamification workshops (one by Koji Fukada from Yumemi, and the other one conducted by myself) and a roster of interesting speakers is coming end of November, and then the Socialize12 in Tel Aviv with a track on gamification and a related workshop (also by myself) in the first week of December. I will be speaking and moderating panel discussions there as well. Here are the details:

Gamification World Asia Pacific 2012 (Nov. 28th-29th, 2012) - Singapore
Masterclass A (Koji Fukada) - Nov. 27th, 2012 - Singapore
Masterclass B (Mario Herger) - Nov. 30th, 2012 - Singapore

Socialize12 - Dec. 4th-5th, 2012 - Tel Aviv


In my upcoming book Enterprise Gamification will be a chapter included on gamification platforms, technologies and services (including game studios). For the 400-page book, which will be available in Q4/2012 both in print and as e-book, vendors and providers will have an opportunity to give an overview of their offerings, including examples and screenshots. The platforms, technologies and services should be relevant for gamification in organizations (with that I understand gamification that is directed towards employees, employees from partner organizations and professional communites, as well as the occasional customer-focus).

If you have enterprise-relevant gamification examples, provide them in a separate document, including description, screenshots, etc. and foremost also some before and after gamification facts.

This way readers - who will be CIOs, UX-designers, developers, community managers, application developers, IT consultants, game designers, marketing&brand manager, business process experts,... - will get an overview of vendors and approaches that can help that in their gamification efforts.