Eine neue Studie zu Gamifizierung untersuchte ob Gamifizierung ein Verstärker für Benutzermotivation -und handlungen ist. Stefanie Hermann führte eine empirische Studie anhand Swisscom Labs Online-basierter Innovationsplattform zwischen 2010 und 2011 aus, und interviewte zehn Gamifizierungs- und Game-Designexperten. Das hervorstechendste Ergebnis aus den Interviews ist dabei,

"...dass beim Gamifizierungsaufbau, der Umgebung, der Benutzermotivation, den Spielertypen, dem Aufgabendesign oder dem Spielerfortschritt, keine Verallgemeinerung durchgeführt werden kann und immer vom zugrundeliegenden Kontext der jeweiligen Anwendung, dem Zielpublikum und den Geschäftszielen abhängig ist. Deshalb existieren auch keine Gamifizierungsvorlagen, die eins zu eins übertragbar sind. Der Erfolg eines Gamifizierungsprojektes ist wahrscheinlicher, wenn ein massgeschneidetes Design gemacht wird, das die oben genannten Abhängigkeiten miteinbezieht."

Die Ergebnisse für die fünf wichtigsten Fragestellungen der Studie sind in der folgenden Matrix zusammengefasst: 


Es ist 2012 und hier ist eine Ihrer ersten Aufgaben.

Testen Sie Ihr Gamifizierungswissen und beantworten Sie die Fragen im Gamifizierungsquiz. 15 einfache bis schwierige Fragen, und einige davon werden so manches Vorurteil zerschmettern.

Viel Spass damit, hier ist der Gamifizierungstest.


Crystal ballEver since I closely started following and contributing to gamification and the gamification industry 18 months ago, I've seen many interesting discussions going on, as well as examples from many areas, and - as expected - the first consolidations. Just as a refresher, how fast gamification has gone, we don't need to look further than the number of search results for "gamification" from Google: in summer 2010 barely 500 results were returned. Fast forward end of December 2011: 2,3 million.

Between then and now, we have seen the first two installments of the industry's conference Gamification Summit, gamification gurus speaking at large corporate conferences like SAP TechEd and BlackBerry DevCon, or influential forums TEDxKids@Brussels, the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Forbes, and Informationweek covering the topic, social game startup Zynga going IPO, and of course passionate discussions between gamification supporters and critics.

The general expectation from leading industry experts and analysts is that 2012 will be the year of gamification. Joshua Greenbaum from EA Consulting, Wanda Meloni from M2 Research, Gartner, Deloitte and so forth have all put gamification on their radar. When Badgeville – one of the leading gamification platforms – reported 400% growth this year (beside raising $12Mio in a second round of funding), even sceptics like CRM management consultant Paul Greenberg admitted that they should have paid closer attention.

Considering this all and much more, I am giving a shot at predicting what we will be seeing around gamification in 2012.


Join us for a series of in classroom and online enterprise gamification workshops. The workshops focus on enterprise gamification, which includes what you need to do and consider to apply gamification design and gamification thinking to applications and processes like finance, HR, communities, sustainability, sales, corporate website and much more.

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Here is what some or our customers are saying:


"Gamification seems to be a mighty tool in order to motivate employees and care for their by-into certain initiatives without making the transfer of information too boring."

-Dr. Ursula Schuetze-Kreilkamp
Head of Executive Development
DB Mobility Logistics AG


“Mario’s workshops are filled with cutting edge information that are directly applicable in business.  As an MBA student, I find his workshop extremely valuable in staying ahead of my peers and being more competitive in my MBA program”

-Byung Sa
MBA Student
Hult International Business School


"For me, gamification is one of those phenomenons, that are not new to the world per se, but by the massive spread of mobile devices and the fast-moving digitalization of almost everything, the lever of gamification-principles are applicable to so much more cases."

-Christoph Djazirian
Head of Strategy Passenger Division
DB Mobility Logistics AG

In my work on Gamification for the past 1.5 years, I met many sceptics. The worst is the sceptic, who has no clue what gamification actually is, but already has an opinion. I know that many others looking into gamification experience the same flat-out negative response. In my slide deck I tried to compile some of the most common criticism, and my answers to them. May they help you in making the world better and more fun. Here is the link to the Slideshare presentation.

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