SAP LogoSAP just announced that their new SAP HCP Gamification Service is publicly available for trial. Here is what Michael Ameling, the platform's development manager posted on the SAP Community Network:

The HCP Gamification Service is now publicly available on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial. It allows to rapidly introduce gamification concepts into applications. The service includes an online development and administration environment for easy implementation. The underlying gamification rule management provides support for sophisticated gamification concepts, covering time constraints, complex nested missions and collaborative games. The service comes even with a subscription to a sample application for easy exploration.

Here is the documentation how to get started with the SAP HCP Gamification Service Trial.

We also just published our Gamification Industry Report 2015, in which we evaluated, compared, and rated 12 enterprise-grade gamification platforms, including SAP's offering. Get the report here.

Enterprise Gamification Consultancy published the first Gamification Industry Report comparing twelve universal, enterprise grade gamification platforms and ranking them across multiple categories. The following is a small excerpt of the report. The report can be purchased in full here.

In the Gamification Platform Leader Matrix (Figure 1) we plotted product and service offerings against the visionary strength of each platform. We clustered the platforms into Leaders, Followers, and Contenders. Leaders are strong in both categories, offering rich features and tools to design and operate a gamified system, and also offering strong vision in their approach and platform architecture. Elements that define a strong vision can include the use of gamification design models, new standards, thought leadership in how to use gamification data, or the application of visual and novel gamification design elements.


In our first industry report on enterprise grade gamification platforms, we evaluated and compared twelve universal platforms and their vendors. We identified four gamification leaders and one surprise top ranked platform. As gamification moves from a novelty to a mainstream technology, and shifts from a customer to an employee engagement program, organizations need to consider gamification strategies that go beyond an isolated use of gamification in areas such as eLearning or loyalty programs. Universal, enterprise grade gamification platforms can be deployed throughout an organization and integrate gamification experiences, engage players, and collect data across processes.

With SAP as the first large business software vendor entering the market in 2015 with its own solution, we consider this as a significant shift in the market that will lead to consolidation and the entrance of other major software vendors.

Target Audience

This report is for organizations that plan to incorporate gamification into their strategy and deploy gamification organization wide. This report is also for gamification platform vendors and gamification practitioners.


To help organizations make an informed decision, we queried all vendors and other contact about the product and service offerings on a variety of categories. Readers will learn about

  • Status of the Gamification Industry
  • Learn about gamification platforms and vendors
  • Learn about predictions for the market, ecosystem, big data, and training
  • Get access to evaluation checklists
  • Understand the Elements of a Successful Gamification Strategy.

Evaluated Platforms

The gamification platforms that we selected for this industry report are:

  • Badgeville
  • BizPart Engage
  • Bunchball
  • eMee
  • Funifier
  • GamEffective
  • Gamification-Engine
  • Infosys
  • Mambo.io
  • Playlyfe
  • SAP
  • TribeCloud


Gamification Industry Report 2015

Enterprise-Grade Gamification, Engagement, Behavior Modification Platform
Evaluation, Comparison, and Ranking

Publishing Date: April 2015

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43 pages
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SAP HCP Gamification PlatformThe SAP HCP Gamification Service will be publicly available at SAPPHIRE (May 2015). You will then be able to try out the new gamification platform as service in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial account. The service comes with a web-based gamification workbench for modelling game mechanics and arbitrary complex rules. The underlying gamification engine is designed for real-time processing of sophisticated gamification concepts, e.g. involving time constraints and cooperation.

Since the service relies on SAP HANA Cloud Platform it comes with built-in runtime game analytics for continuous improvement of game designs. The integration into your application works simply via Web APIs. Comprehensive code examples will demonstrate how to integrate your application, including the implementation of widgets based on SAP UI5 for the representation of your achievements. The SAP Cloud Identity Service allows you to support Single-Sign-On (SSO).

If you are looking for a gamification platform with enterprise-level security and performance and would like to get more insights on the SAP HCP Gamification Service approach us by filling out this form. Click here to fill out.


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