Organizing Groups of People

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Organizing groups of people is an activity that allows players to socialize and form new and deepen existing relationships. It also allows to achieve goals and thus may lead to achieving a sense of completion



Forming new and deepening new relationships is an intrinsic motivation that can lead to a longer lasting enjoyment of engaging in activities. Group leaders may feel power and status, while group members may feel belonging and a sense of acceptance and companionship.

Games such as World of Warcraft allow players forming guilds and battlegroups to overcome larger obstacles and solve certain missions and goals. Community sites such as Meetup allow members to group around specific topics of interest and organize events. Also open source communities organize developers, translators, testers etc. around software projects, or marketplaces such as MakerSQR group people around hardware projects and share skills and resources.


Games Gamification
  • World of Warcraft
  • Meetup groups
  • Open Source communities
  • MakerSQR
  • Kickstarter


Meetup group