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The Best Slot Games Of 2020 In Canada

The Best Slot Games of 2020 in Canada

There are currently thousands of online slot machines that players could play on and they range from the old school classic style fruit machines to new age video slots fully enhanced with exciting graphics. If you have not had enough time to play at a slot before, you should probably read more about slot machines to get a view of what the game feels like. The popularity of slot games has increased significantly over the past few years because of the simple and exciting nature of the game which keeps applying entertained in addition to the opportunity of making some good money.  Slots are made of spinning wheels that are full of symbols synonymous with various values and a player place is a bit of a specific amount on each line and spins hoping that they are going to hit the winning combinations. If you have been to several times or pizza shops, you have probably seen a slot machine since that is where they originate from. While many people are excited by slot machines and slot games, finding a great one presents a challenge to almost every player since new slot games are coming up every other day. If you are one of those players that are having and then selecting the right slot game, you have come to the right place. This website provides all you need to know about slot machines and the best slot games you could play in 2020.

Online Casinos in Canada

Canada has a thriving online casino industry with online slots playing a pivotal role in Canadian gaming experience. The slot games mentioned in this article can all be played for real money in Canada with many more available to those that enjoy online casinos. The best online casinos in Canada will also provide players with the opportunity to play other casino games like blackjack, roulette and video poker. There is an an option to play live casino games at Captain Spins Casino.

Mega Moolah – 88.12% – High Volatility

The game from Microgaming comes with a return to player of at 88.12%, high volatility, 25 pay lines, and free spin features. It has been listed among some of the most popular slot games since it was released in 2006. The game is appealing by most of its funds due to its adorable animal symbols, free spin features, the alluring progressive jackpot. It is a game that has never failed to attract players especially with a low return to player. This is attributed to its extremely low minimum paid put at 0.01 euros which makes the highly volatile nature of the game less intimidating. You should however not that the game has a proven record of large payouts and it even went on to break the world record for the largest payout in any sports game played on the internet in 2015.

Gonzo’s Quest – 95.97% – Medium-high Volatility

This game is supplied by Netent and boasts a return to player of 25.97%, medium to high volatility, 20 pay lines, and Avalanche and Free Fall spin features. There has been a significant shift in the game since it was released in 2011 as it now associates more with the mythical legend of El Dorado. This is easy to understand because every legend has to stand the endless tests of time and the game is not an exception. Many players across the world keep playing the game without which is the dense jungles of the South American region for the attractive site of the little guy with the funny antics. For a slot game, it has a lot to offer when it comes purely to entertainment. The game which is probably too many elements for a single game that people can easily forget that it was the first game of its nature to use the transformational avalanche feature as a replacement for the contemporary spinning reels. If you have not played the game before, it is one of the most solid recommendations as it allows you to partake of never-ending entertainment and the chance to meet Gonzo.

Book of Dead – 96.21% – High Volatility

Book of the Dead is a slot game supplied by play and go with a return to player percentage of 96.21, high volatility, 10 pay lines, and a gamble mini-game feature. the best features of the game are the exceptional artwork incorporated into it and the exciting soundtrack that video into the depth of the Egyptian temple as you explore. All this is accompanied by simple but exciting gameplay. The book of dead and Rich wild have established themselves as some of the most popular slot games that most people have forgotten that it was originally at lower of the Book of Ra. Many players of the idea that the book of death has been more successful than the book of Ra and it is difficult not to agree. It is also worth noting that one of the main features of the game is the gamble mini-game. If you are comfortable with the extremely high risks associated with double or nothing bets, the book of the dead is a slot game you want most likely to be interested in.

Bonanza Megaways™ – 96% – High Volatility

The Bonanza Megaways is perhaps the most successful release from big-time gaming. It boasts a return to player percentage of 96%, high volatility, pay lines that can potentially rise to 117,649. The game also has different features including the Megaways™, win reactions and free spins. Bonanza is perhaps the most successful version of the Megaways ™ slot. It is considered to be the version that led to the development of Megaways™ as a franchised mechanic. It has been licensed by big-time gaming to other game developers in the industry. Every element about the game features a special level of intensity whether it is the stakes, fast music, or the symbols that move fast throughout the background of the game. This was back when most people were trying to familiarise themselves with Megaways™ and most people that played the game found it confusing. This comes as no surprise because the game had 117,649 pay lines back in 2016. However, the innovation and creativity of big-time gaming have seen the game Top the charts for the best slot games and some of the most famous slot games year after year. Bonanza has contributed significantly to the recognition the game has attracted as the most significant innovation in the world of slot mechanics over the past few years. Up-to-date, most players have admitted that they are amazed by the way the number of symbols appearing on every real is randomly modified by a reel modifier each time there is a spin.

Starburst – 96.09% – Low Volatility

It is one of the other games supplied by Netent. Starburst has a return to player of 96.09%, low-volatility, 10 pay lines, and re-spin features. It is perhaps the best game that can be defined as a classic. It is characterized by an iconic jewel theme and straight forward mechanics that have low volatility. Apart from its enjoyable and easy to play nature, the game has some of the best graphics and dynamics that bring out the simplicity as well as the quality put into its design. the game has been greatly successful since it was launched in 2011 since it has every single element that any slot game would be expected to have. Some of its best features are the classic pay lines integrative feature referred to as win both ways. Re-spins and wilds but also some of the most innovative and exciting features integrated into a starburst. One of the main disadvantages of the game however is that it does not have any of the features that are currently popular especially to start why yet to be developed when it was launched. If you have played Starbucks in the past, you are always going to be attracted to the game regardless of the different games you play. It is also a good place for newbies to begin their exploration of the mobile slots landscape especially those that are looking to establish long-term success.

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