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Ikibu Casino (Random Rewards)

Want to see the happiness of fun and thrill at the same time, with the help of Ikibu’s random reward you cab be surprised every time you win a free slot.

Kaboo Casino (Block Slots)

Want to get yourself easy access to crypto currency, Kaboo will make sure that you have the right kind of block slots for the win.

Guts Casino (Tournament Participation)

Want to participate and win, with the help of Guts Casino enrol yourself on online casino tournament and you can participate as well.

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Latest News
Captain Spins Casino

3 Gamification Features at Captain Spins Casino

Captain Spins is a dynamic new online casino aimed at the Canadian gambling market. The casino features a high tech interface resembling an update version of the classic Command and Conquer series of games. Captain Spins Casino offer new customers a generous welcome bonus of C$1200 free and 260 additional free spins. The bonus itself is fantastic for online casino players but the gamification implementation is what we are really interested in here.

1. Captain Spins Free Spins Feature

Captain Spin is the primary charater at the Captain Spins casino and the first mission that he has assigned to new players is to take advantage of the massive welcome bonus at hte casino. The captain will credit players with progressively higher free spins bonuses on each of a customers first four successful deposits at the casino. The free spin missions are broken down as follows:

1st Deposit Free Spins Mission
Customers that make a first successful deposit will recieve 50 free spins.
2nd Deposit Free Spins Mission
Customers that make a 2nd successful deposit will recievean additional 60 free spins.
3rd Deposit Free Spins Mission
Customers that make a 3rd successful deposit will recieve 70 more free spins.
4th Deposit Free Spins Mission
Customers that make a 4th successful deposit will recieve another 80 free spins.

Captain Spins also provides players all new customers with a 100% deposit match up to C$300 on each of their first 4 deposits.

2. Captain Spins Daily Intel Drops

The casino has also introduced more gamification via their daily intel drops feature. This is a unique feature offered by Captain Spins casino whereby customers get to claim daily rewards and bonuses related to their game play. The daily intel drops are missions that are assigned to players that allow them to calim additional bonus money and free spins.

Captain Spins - Daily Intel

The complexity of this gamification feature is normally very straight forward allowing players to claim free spins an a specific game (usually Book of Dead or Starburst), deposit match bonuses or additional loyalty points on particular games.

3. Captain Spins VIP Loyalty Club

The idea of loyalty programs is nothing new at online casinos but Captain Spins has added a new dimention to their loyalty club. The Captain Spins VIP Loyalty Club offers player the opportunity to move between 5 VIP tiers based on their gamplay and activity at the casino.

The 5 VIP casino tiers are as follows:

  1. Silver
    Captain Spins Silver VIP
  2. Gold
    Captain Spins Gold VIP
  3. Elite Platinum
    Captain Spins VIP Platinum
  4. Elite Black
    Captain Spins VIP Black
  5. The Captain
    Captain Spins VIP - The Captain

The requirements for each level are outlined on the website apart from “The Captain” which is a level that will only be awarded to a select number of players at the casino.

The various vip tiers enable customers to avail themselves of exclusive casino bonus as well a real world events. These prizes can be 10% cashback on losses every Thursday for Elite Platinum Players or luxurious events at exotic destinations for Elite Black members.

4. Bonus Secret Feature

Captain Spins has a secret gamification feature that we saved for you. Captain Spins will be running a Play Another Day feature where players will be able to boost their bonuses if they play on consecutive days.

Captain Spins - Play Another Day

The more days you play in a row, the bigger your bonuses get!

This is an incredibly clever way to reward customers and keep them playing at the casino and one we believe will be a huge hit amongst Canadian casino players.

Gamification in Real Money Online Casinos

We are seeing more and more online casinos try to enhance player experience bringing in various gamification features. The success of these features is varied with Captain Spins and Casumo executiing them extremely well whilst the old school online casinos like Jackpot City and Royal Vegas have lagged behind.

We believe that it is essential that all online businesses differentiate themselves from one another and gamification is one of the best ways to accomplish this in the online entertainment space.

Captain Spins Casino Gamification Conclusion

Captain Spins has done an impressive job implementing some excellent gamification features that add value and entertainment for their customers.

Casino Gambling

5 reasons why online casino games are increasing in popularity

Casino games are some of the most popular types of games right now. For a very long time, casino game was looked down upon, and now it has become one of the most sought after types of games due to the fact that they are readily available in the form of online casino games. Online casinos are some of the most popular types of games which allows everyone to enjoy the game. This is not just limited to the holidays or any special occasions they are still growing in popularity, and there are many reasons for it. Here are the top reasons for that.

Promotions, offers and bonuses

There are many online casinos which allows you to choose the right kind of deals. One of the most common types of offers that one gets is the welcome bonus for joining. This welcome bonus has many forms which can essentially consist of incentives that can give you an extra chance at winning. There are many cashback offers, free bets and also many free spins at the roulette wheel.

More choices than ever before


The greater the chances at the table, the larger the audience is attracted to. They are many variations of the same game which can be very risky as well as costly, but with the help of the bonuses and other promotional events, it is easier than ever to get them into the right mind. Online casinos also give you multiple version which can help give you the way to choose. There are other games like superheroes, the game of thrones, ancient history or rock music which can cater to the needs of each slot machine.

Wagering on the go

Smartphones have made it possible for one to ensure that there are many faces which can keep them in the industry. There are many games where you can wager from your device at the comfort of your house. This combined with the social media feature, can get you the right kind of audience. The gamers can also visit the chat room to keep the right communication and also make sure that you get your friends involved in the games.

VIP treatments


Bonus features is one of the special offers that one can receive from on a regular online casino player. There are always many ongoing bonuses which can help ensure that you get the right customers which can make the difference from the common to the VIP. To get your access to the VIP services, you have to ensure that you stay with the site for a certain period of time and you can get more offers on a daily basis.


Casino game developers are always making sure to improve the gaming experience. With the introduction of gamification, it is more easier than ever to get inspiration and create games which work like video games. This is like reaching another level of the feature on the casino or online games which is shown growth in the coming years.



Casino Gamification

What Is Casino Gamification?

The new trend in the online casino industry that has taken everything by storm is the gamification. This is a way in which players are offered loyalty or VIP points, coins, seeds, badges, medals, etc. There are a lot of players who can trade them for real money as well at the end, which can give them a huge random reward. There are often extra tasks and games that one offers to gain that greater reward. RPG gaming types level upping is very common. The future of online casino is definitely in gamification, which can give them more choices where there is a lot of casinos who are opting for the gamification system.

poker online


Gamification is used to describe an implement games mechanics and techniques into the areas of the casino. This is a concept which was used in-game features which can help with the participation. Video games are one of the best ways to hold people’s attention. This is a partial work off where the whole concept is based on the aspect of gaining widespread attention in the world. Many casinos have come forward to capitalize in the form of gamification. This helps one to gain add points, working against odds and also setting goals. This also allows one to bring a stronger network of communication among the customers.


Gamification has a natural implementation where the mechanics and the techniques have turned video games as the go-to gaming source. This is where the gaming developers implemented on the problem, which requires you to determine the solution. This helps ensure that one can develop to make solutions to the problems which involves a lot of game mechanics, themes, etc. Gamification is still a relatively new concept as you might have seen by not understand the techniques as it is quite a tricky one to employ points or badge on. There are also Facebook’s Farmville developed by Zynga back in 2009, which allows you to gain social points and help you with your games in the future.

Simulations have been for a very long time where the idea of gamification allows you to simulate innovation, change behaviours and achieve higher levels of engagement. This is one way to add to increasing your users for the right kind audience. Simulation has proven to be very flexible, which can help you as a learner to find the right kind of training. There is also the fact that one does not have just to sit and look at the services, which make the whole simulation enjoyable with the training exercise and its applicability to real life. Also, it allows for a very interactive environment for the player to learn and explore the game on a deeper level.

Online Casinos

Understanding Gamification In Online Casinos

Gamification is a new and unique concept which allows one to engage their customers on a deeper level. This allows them to be motivated enough to choose the right activity and move on to the next sites, less building loyalty. There are many processes which can help ensure that gamification can motivate the customers to spend more time browsing the site. Online casino gamification is a process which is a fairly recent concept which is largely based on classic successes. As this is an online platform, there is a lot of chance of trial and errors, which is the best way to help gain a larger audience.

Some gamification techniques

Loyalty points is one of the simple times, which can help ensure that you get to spend a lot of time with the right customers. These rewards can ensure that there are few spins at the slots games, special promotional deals and also special VIP treatments for the online casino staff. The VIP treatment can easily give a weave to the goals system another gamification technique

Leaderboards is another way to keep the people engaged in competitive instincts is one to offer dedicated games for the players who feel achieved. There is always one game which gains more interest, and that game can easily get you started with the process.

How does gamification work in online casinos

Gamification in online casinos uses similar techniques to the land-based casinos. This is a technique where the customers feel appreciated and which helps them stay motivated for a long time. The United States Military army is well known for the gamification system where they are exposed to military simulation games allowing them to be entertaining while being educative. This gamification aspect is made sure to be kept with the players who can get you to achieve new badges and goals.

online casinos

Online casino gamification for everyone?

Online casino gamification is good as it is one of the easiest ways to get the right audience while using the likes of the appreciation, which is another way of tempting them to spend more money on gamification. An online casino is one of the best casinos which offer gamification allowing one to feel like the part of the game. Always make sure that there are offers available which can help you decide on the right online casinos. The value of gamification programs can tend to fluctuate, depending on the websites. Try to opt for a great deal and try to take full advantage of the beneficial offers which can be a big benefactor in the eyes of the customer. Try to make sure that you can get the right rewards to ensure you win generous gifts.

Gamification Features

Types Of Gamification Features

Gamification at online casinos is on the rise, and there are many techniques which are being used to help with some of the casino games. With people opting for mobile casino gaming, it is more than easy to get the concept of gamification in the idea. Gamification is the process of using video games elements on the non-video platform to help promote the key aspects of the platform. This is the reason; we see a rise in these distinctive video game characteristics, elements and in-lobby features. It is important that people understand that technology is constantly changing, and so is the quality of online games. This can be said for a lot for competition infinite market place. Gamification can easily make sure that you can add a lot of useful addition to the online casino. Gamification adds a lot of new elements to the casino brands, operators that can lead to losing focus on the core aspects. One of the best ways to add the best elements is by making sure that there are elements of gamification. Here are some of the different types of gamification feature to help you with your online casino.

Mission-based accomplishments

This is one of the most popular types of gamification that is used by online casinos which is a mission-based platform. This is one of the mission-based platforms where you can add your version of the games and can ensure that you have a start and an endpoint. This is where you can add missions to your games from adventure modes, in-game tasks, etc. to help with the protagonist complete quest.


Another bid part of video gaming is where the platform offers a lot of wide assortments of games from multiplayer games, etc. This is one of the most natural fit in casinos which can help you run in the competitive tournaments with the right ranking system. The leaderboard is very simple, where you have to understand the structure and make the players for higher to help enjoy the games.

Online casino gamification and loyalty

gamification and loyalty

Loyalty points are nothing new to online casinos, which can help players gain some points at some casino. This is a rewarding problem where you can choose to stick around and play games on a regular basis. This is s system which works n betting frequency. This is where you add things like finding a quest by adding maps to the mix and including mystical creatures for the much-needed fun.

Social media

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of many people but is also one of the best for gamification as well. This is one of the most affordable ways to influence online casino appearances which can get you free publicity with the help of the players.

Gamification Cases

Top Marketing Gamification Cases

Marketing gamification is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients and projects are being noticed. There is many startups out there who want to help your product with the help of gamification. This is a process which can help you create a winning product that provides an addictive experience. Even the mid-sized company can use these gamification process to target the right market segment, which can keep them actively engaged with the right audience. Casinos are one of the best places which are taking the Gamification process by storm. There are many people who are looking at the right kind of loyalty which can allow you to be the best and also help a lot of problem concerning the customers.

Nike+ Fuelband and accessories

Nike+ Fuelband and accessories

This one launch which brought about the right changes in the sports industry. When Nike launched its brand, which was a combination of a bracelet with a special technology which can easily be monitored using movements. The result of the Nike and fuel band as more than 5 million were wearing the bracelet. By the end of the next year, more than 11 million pieces were sold.

Starbucks rewards

Starbucks has always had the policy where they focus on personal services which were in favour of the consumers. There is a lot of business model which is based on the ambience. Most of the time, it is very hip and upbeat. There are many customers who can help ensure that you stay longer and enjoy your time comfortably. The reward-based system that they used was to register to my reward through an application and with each purchase, you get a free Starbucks product which you can accumulate and get something for free. There were three levels depending on the degree of loyalty. There are many more frequent visitors who were upgraded to the next level. These benefits included things like birthday gift, offers and other things which were specially designed for you.


Fantasino Casino

Fantasy casino is one place which can give you a new experience each time you visit due to gamification hitting the casino industry. There was a lot of ambition involved where the owners have been working to ensure that they get themselves ready for lunch. The dedication towards this project led them to see the business thrive. Where they introduced loyalty programs and other offers. This was a kind of project which helped secure the future of gamification casino all across the board. Due to Fantasino other casinos followed their footsteps where play frank, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino, Kaboo Casino, Thrill Casino, Casino Rizk, Casino Heros all took their chances with the gamification process and saw a growth in their business.



How To Promote Casino With Gamification

Gamification is one of the most effective ways of creating and keeping interested in the games towards the people. It is also one of the best marketing tools which allow you to be the best when creating and keeping interested among people. This is one of the best ways to help promote your product or services through online games. These technology aims are increasing sales using unconventional methods. The developers can easily carry the analysis of computer video games and easily use the concept to implement them through business projects. One of the main benefits of the tool is to make sure that the tool can reach the target both customers as well as the staff. It is one of the best ways to keep the effectiveness of the company at its peak. Also, the technology that is involved makes it much easier to help the customer purchased the product allowing them to interact with the company. It helps ensure that one can raise effective solutions for the business projects which are losing the traffic. The audience is generally overwhelmed and cannot bring the information across the internet. This is one technology which allows you to visualise your brand and helps you capture the potential customers.

potential customers.

Gamification is generally based on the concept of three main summaries where the first step is to ensure that you are aware of the goals and you wan to make sure that you achieve the goal with the help of gamification. Step two is to make sure that you are aware of the personality traits which can help ensure that you attract the right target audience. The last step is to figure out the format which can work for your clients. It is important that you understand that gamification is a very competitive market, but it is also one of the best ways to reduce advertising costs and also increase the customer’s traffic. This way you can easily receive a lot of interaction with your customers which allows you to be the best in everything. Also, it is important that you realise that with the changes in technology one of the most difficult aspects of learning gamification is the fact that technology is changing and keeping up with this trends can help keep you casino in the business as well.


In conclusion

Gamification in the online casino is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have the right kind of traffic to your site. Make sure that you have the right traffic which can give rise to interactions which can get you casino speaking with which you can get gamification work for your casino. There are many casino like fantasy casino, casino ritz, etc., who have benefited from gamification.

Casino Industry

Gamification In Casino Industry

The concept of gamification has been found to be different in a lot of different areas. The general idea is to take the activity and casting in a lot of different form or types. Gamification has two main parts activities and rewards which can be played by a lot of casino games. These are not just limited to online casinos. These activities can give you a lot more as the thrill of winning can get you through the best experience. The reward system is one of the best ways to give the player a chance at winning them a better monetary value. There are many ways you can pick up free spins, bonuses, free chips and comp points to which can impact your whole game.

Incremental and escalated earning

escalated earning

The idea of incremental earning and escalated earning are extremely important, which can get you through the gamification process, Incremental earning is where you are getting rewarded for individual tasks allowing you to perform. Escalated earning allows you to be the best at everything and gives you the experience of levelling the system, which can allow you to achieve and earn better rewards.

How can gamification benefit the players

Having a strong gamification concept can easily allow you to have more fun and also help you stick to the system. This increases the online casino industry where the players will not bounce from site to tother, which can help with brand loyalty as well. Gamification can get many rewards which feel like gaining value for free that you would not have received otherwise. Players are also known to enjoy the game, which can make the whole game much more effective and gives a sense of achievement as they move through the levels of programs which is quite important to understand. This increases the enjoyment and also players experience, which is one of the key aspects of gamification.

The promotion

There is a lot of companies who are trying to implement the gamification program, which allows you to perform better in terms of giving the players the right value. This gives the players the right gamification program, which will help increase the retention rate for the casino. By using the gamification concept, the play itself will become meaningful. The traditional casino bonus is one which can give great value to the players, but there are a lot of terms and conditions which can be messy.

In Conclusion

The gamification system allows for an alternative to the traditional wagering, which can be requirement based. This is one way which can help them stand out and allows you to have a direct link between the actions and the rewards. You can also opt for the deals which can be operated from the terms and conditions allowing for a much more enjoyable experience.


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