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Badgeville's gamification solutions combine behavioral psychology with sophisticated technology to drive user engagement across a company’s digital ecosystem. The Behavior Platform’s patented technology empowers you to build proven engagement mechanics like those found in popular social games and networking sites to drive desired user behaviors on your websites, online communities, mobile and enterprise applications, strengthening customer loyalty and enhancing employee performance. Whether it's rewarding a customer who writes a review or an employee who closes a deal in your CRM system, The Behavior Platform provides a full suite of tools to recognize users at every stage of their lifecycle.


Companies today face an engagement crisis. Externally, with the proliferation of websites, online communities and social media channels, it’s never been harder to engage your customers and harness their attention. Internally, more than 70% of employees aren’t engaged with their jobs, causing nearly half of enterprise technology to go unadopted. That’s why The Behavior Platform features rich engagement solutions to improve customer acquisition, retention and conversions and enhance customer service excellence, sales productivity, social collaboration and learning & compliance.

Badgeville’s Behavior Platform gives companies the capability to drive the high-value user behaviors across their entire digital ecosystem that underlie key business goals. Take advantage of a powerful and sophisticated toolset including game mechanics, reputation mechanics, social mechanics, and behavior analytics and data, along with developer tools, APIs and integrations with more than a dozen of the most commonly used customer and employee software applications including SharePoint, Salesforce Platform, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Bazaarvoice, Jive, Zendesk, Drupal, Wordpress and many more.

Game Mechanics

Badgeville's Game Mechanics empower you with advanced behavioral and reward capabilities to create granular gamification elements that deliver your users contextual rewards that map to their interests and needs, giving them instant satisfaction. With The Behavior Platform’s unique ability to pair user behaviors with rich metadata you already have inside your website or application, you can reward customers for their interactions with a specific product or employees for an explicit business process. For example, instead of simply rewarding users for commenting on a retail site, you could deliver them a special achievement for commenting on a specific pair of red pumps under the shoe section. In the enterprise, you could reward users for contributing a key piece of content in your enterprise social network. Game Mechanics include the following:

Multiple Point Systems

Create multiple point systems to engage your users and give them instant feedback every time they perform a valuable behavior. For example, you can have one set of points that support a person’s reputation or status in the community, and another for when they want to redeem points for a tangible reward. This ability gives companies the flexibility to complement or augment existing loyalty and rewards programs you already have in place today.


Missions group users’ rewards into a contextual set of milestones that helps track their progress towards a larger achievement, privilege or enhanced status. On a customer website, a Mission could encourage users to share out to different social networks, or contribute content to specific product areas. In an enterprise app, a Mission could be mapped to a business process, such as converting a lead in a sales app into a new opportunity. Much like other Badgeville's Game Mechanics, Missions have advanced rules and capabilities attached to them, such as the ability to easily reorder milestones or require they be unlocked at random or in a specific progression, and granular scheduling for when they can be completed.

Social Rewards

Badgeville’s Social Rewarding empowers you to recognize behaviors that happen on your social media channels. So when a customer takes the time to tweet about their favorite product, you can automatically serve them up a relevant achievement next time they come back to your website. Instant Notifications

When users do the things you want them to do, you need to reinforce them with positive feedback. If not, they may not return or do it again. Badgeville notifications provide real-time recognition when users earn points, unlock rewards, progress through a mission or level up.

Reputation Mechanics

Badgeville's Reputation Mechanics empower you to elevate the status, rank and expertise of your customers and employees across your key sites, communities and applications. The Behavior Platform ties reputation to specific user behaviors. As people unlock new achievements across your digital ecosystem, they can earn special access, privileges and rewards that matter to them. Because The Behavior Platform can integrate with a variety of online communities and applications, companies can leverage Badgeville to build global reputation systems that champion top customer advocates and high-performing employees. As people interact with these different sites and apps, their reputation can go with them — and by better informing their peers about their different levels of status and expertise, they have more context for whose contributions matter most. Key Reputation Mechanics include:


Levels mark key milestones or inflection points in a user's overall journey, helping them feel growth and progress. With each level, people can earn additional achievements, rewards and recognition that champion their status in the site, app or community.


Community and expertise tracks allow you to guide customers and employees to interact with relevant products, content and business processes that map to their topical areas of interest. As people progress through tracks, they earn different levels of expertise and status that can be tied to additional rewards and recognition.

Contextual Leaderboards

People who go the extra mile like to see themselves championed in front of the community. Leaderboards allow you to do this for engaged customers and high-performing employees, highlighting their reputation. But leaderboards will have limited value if they’re not relevant to a user’s experience. Badgeville delivers contextual leaderboards that relate to specific areas of your site or app. You can tie a leaderboard to rewards being earned for engaging with specific products, content and processes.

Social Mechanics

According to Gartner, nearly 75% of consumers rely on social networking to guide purchasing decisions, while more than half of businesses have begun adopting social capabilities alongside their traditional applications. Badgeville’s Social Mechanics engage users by leveraging the same dynamics that power social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but apply them directly to your websites, online communities and enterprise applications. The Behavior Platform allows you to embed social features naturally into the user experience of virtually any digital touch point, connecting users and surfacing the key behaviors they perform in real-time. These social features include:

Activity Streams

You can surface valuable behaviors your users perform across your network of sites or applications. Whether it’s seeing the latest review or executing a business process in your enterprise systems, end users can receive updates from just the people and content they explicitly follow. Since The Behavior Platform can organize and process rich metadata, companies can also create custom activity streams that publish behaviors tied to specific content, sections and business processes.

Find & Follow People

Empower your users to cull their social networks to see if they have any personal connections on your website, app or community, and easily follow all them and their activities.

Follow Content or Process

Enable your users to follow specific content, products and business processes with the simple click of a button, and see behaviors performed on those objects surfaced in activity streams embedded throughout the experience.

Social Notifications

Social notifications alert users about contextually relevant behaviors as they happen in real-time, driving them to valuable content, products and business processes. This ensures a fresh, dynamic experience across your site or app.

Behavior Analytics & Data

Badgeville’s Behavior Analytics empower you to measure how well users interact with your critical websites and applications, giving you the critical insight necessary to design better game, reputation and social mechanics that foster long-term engagement. Inside The Behavior Platform, you can access a Built-In Dashboard that measures user growth, retention and key behaviors tied to specific products, campaigns and business processes. You can also export this behavior data to other systems such as your CRM system, Business Intelligence tools and data warehouse to help you deliver a more relevant user experience to your customers and employees. Key features of Behavior Analytics include:

Integration with Traditional Analytics Tools

Badgeville’s Behavior Analytics also integrate with your traditional analytics tools, helping you match key metrics such as conversions and time on site to the valuable behaviors users perform in real-time. Badgeville features integrations with Adobe’s Sitecatalyst (formerly Omniture) and Google Analytics.

User Growth

See how effective your program is at influencing both new and old users on your site or app, their varying levels of participation and what types of rewards they’re unlocking as a result of their engagement. You can measure the total amount of unique users who have logged into your site or application to date, or the ones that have been particularly active in a specific data range.


Gain a granular view into the type of high-value behaviors that are driving engagement across your website, mobile and enterprise applications. Some metrics you can measure under the Engagement module include total behaviors (segmented by type), activities per user distribution and visit frequency.


A vital goal of your engagement program is to improve the overall stickiness of your sites or apps — thus generating the customer loyalty and employee performance you need to make your digital touch points successful. Badgeville’s Behavior Analytics helps you measure key return and retention rates, helping you assess the stickiness of your user experience.

Metadata Filtering

Badgeville's advanced metadata capability gives you the ability to analyze behavior data with great granularity and context. For example, focus on behaviors performed in a specific area of your site, or zero-in on a specific business process.

Developer Tools and APIs

While The Behavior Platform’s out-of-the-box features allow business owners to manage their engagement program and build new engagement mechanics, or developers, in addition Badgeville features a deep set of developer tools and APIs that help companies manage their gamification program and tightly integrate engagement mechanics across their websites, communities, mobile and enterprise applications. All developer tools come accompanied by rich documentation, resources, video tutorials, example cURL Commands and best practices for writing code, available to all Badgeville customers inside of the Badgeville Community.


Built on REST, JavaScript, and open web standards, Badgeville empowers developers to build delightful user experiences that fit naturally within the flow of their site or app while ensuring enterprise hardened, secure management of your engagement program. Both server-side and page-side developers can access Badgeville APIs, empowering companies to make the most of their technical resources.

Widget Library & Studio

Badgeville’s JS SDK allows you to build beautiful visualizations that map to the look and feel of your site. However, customers can also leverage our Widget Library & Studio to quickly render visualizations on their site or application. Badgeville has pre-built visualizations of key components such as Leaderboards, Achievements, Activity Streams and player profiles that you can insert with a few lines of JavaScript.

Integration Catalog

The Behavior Platform’s advanced database technology allows you to easily track user behavior across all of your web properties and mobile applications. In addition to our APIs, Badgeville offers integration with:

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Recommendations
  • Adobe Test & Target
  • Bazaarvoice
  • BrightIdea
  • Drupal
  • Get Satisfaction
  • Google Analytics
  • IBM Connections
  • Janrain
  • Jive Software
  • Salesforce Platform
  • SharePoint
  • Wordpress
  • Yammer
  • Zendesk


Badgeville was founded in 2010 to revolutionize the analytics industry and bring modern engagement experiences to every web and mobile property by drawing on proven techniques from social gaming, traditional loyalty programs and social networking. Based in Redwood City, CA, with offices in New York and Europe, the company has more than 250 customers worldwide, including Deloitte, Samsung, EMC, CA, NBC, The Active Network and Appirio. Funded by InterWest Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, El Dorado Ventures, Trinity Ventures and the Webb Investment Network, Badgeville features a team with extensive experience in game design, loyalty, enterprise software and analytics, with executives and team leaders directly from Zynga, Omniture, Playdom, IBM, American Express, Electronic Arts, Lithium, WebEx, Amazon and For solutions, case studies, white papers, videos and our full integration catalog, visit the website.