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Whenever players do or achieve something in a game, they receive feedback. We look at in which form and what feedback is given, and by whom.

Types of feedback are:

  1. appreciative feedback
  2. coaching feedback
  3. evaluative feedback

Appreciative Feedback is the one that you receive after a job well done. Coaching Feedback is when the feedback is aimed at what paths a person should take to grow or expand an area of expertise. Evaluative Feedback is when past performance is compared to the performance of other people to highlight where a person is standing.

Game element feedback can look like

  1. conformational feedback
  2. guiding feedback
  3. corrective feedback
  4. explanatory feedback
  5. diagnostic feedback


  1. Counting Elements
  2. Visual
  3. Audio
  4. Physical
  5. Text


  1. Social / Peer
  2. System